Frequently Asked Quetions (FAQ's)

How do I get started?

Your attorney can fill out the form, Buena Vista will call back to confirm.


Is this a discount card?

No, this is not a discount card. The Buena Vista Pharmacy Card is a pharmacy benefit card, much like a regular insurance card 


How long does activation take?

Once a completed form is received, one of our representative will immediately input the information in the system. Within a few minutes a card is activated. ***Note: missing information can cause a delay


When can I expect my card in the mail?

Once a pharmacy card has been activated, a copy of the card is mailed directly to the patient's address provided in the order form. A copy of the pharmacy card is also faxed and/or emailed to the attorney listed on the order form.


In the event, that the patient needs their medications immediately. Buena Vista can email a copy of the card to the patient which then can be used at the pharmacy. Buena Vista can also fax a copy directly to the pharmacy chosen by the patient.


Can I use it at my local pharmacy?

Buena Vista pharmacy card is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies including your local Costco, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, Walgreens. To check if your pharmacy is in network, please click this link and lookup your pharmacy.


What happens if my prescription gets denied at the pharmacy?

Call us immediately before leaving the pharmacy, the issue can usually be resolved within a couple of minutes


Why are some of my medications being denied when others are approved due to "prescriber not covered"?

When you receive a new prescription, please contact Buena Vista to add the new prescription to the approved medications list. A PRIOR AUTHORIZATION is required for all prescriptions.

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