Benefits Coordinator - REMOTE (Work from Home)

Compensation - $11-13 Hourly

Employment Type - Full Time and Part Time


Job Description


Buena Vista RX provides prescription insurance coverage to uninsured accident victims involved in personal injury lawsuits. We do this by partnering with personal injury funding companies, neighborhood pharmacies and personal injury attorneys. We issue a prescription insurance card to our members who can bring it to any of our 65,000 pharmacies nationwide (including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart Pharmacy, Costco, Kroger, and more…) which will pay for 100% of the cost of their medication.


Technical Requirements (MUST HAVE)

  • Laptop or desktop with Windows operating system (not compatible with Mac)

  • Access to a dedicated phone line (cell phone OK)

  • Must have Microsoft Office Suite Product License INCLUDING Microsoft Access Database and OneNote

  • High-speed internet at least 15Mbps


Technical Nice-to-haves

  • Ability to write Excel formulas

  • Ability to write Access Queries

  • VBA

  • Azure

  • QuickBooks

Personal Requirements (MUST HAVE)

  • Problem solving and critical thinking

  • Detail oriented

  • Can navigate quickly through computer

  • Access to a quiet home office space

  • Professional demeanor

  • Customer service skills

Personal Nice-to-haves

  • Confident

  • Research capabilities

  • Type 45wpm

  • Mathematical skills


Job Role Functions:


The role of a Benefits Coordinator is to manage the pharmacy benefits of our members. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Activating insurance cards

  • Sending out contracts for signature

  • Distributing digital insurance cards to pharmacies, patients, attorneys, and investors

  • Managing prescription benefits for each client based on investor specifications (modifying pharmacy card expiration dates, benefit limits, groups, prior authorizations, etc.)

  • Managing customer records, data entry, ensuring accuracy and completeness of data

  • Making and receiving inbound and outbound phone calls

  • Troubleshooting claims issues from pharmacies

  • Managing company assets by servicing and collections activities (B2B no consumer collections)

  • Tracking case statuses

  • Negotiating bills

  • Collecting payment

  • Following up on unsigned contracts

  • Following up on unused insurance cards

  • Sending weekly invoices to attorneys

  • Intermittent inbound phone sales

  • Special projects including, but not limited to, research, mass updating data, mass updating member benefit groups

  • Check reconciliation; posting payments into the system

  • Weekly reporting; weekly data upload, table maintenance, running queries, investor reporting

  • Backing up databases and tables

Job Type: Part-time and Full-time available

Salary: $11-$13 /hour

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Posted date: 2 days ago