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Who we are:

Empowering accident victims with life-saving medications for over 20 years, opening in 2001 as a brick & mortar pharmacy for California Workers Compensation patients only. As we expanded into Personal Injury and No Fault in different states, the demand for our services grew over the years, we began partnering with other pharmacies to help fulfill the the backlogged orders. This network ultimately grew to the almost 90,000 pharmacies we are currently partnered with.

As our portfolio grew we then began to partner with private and institutional investors, as well as Medical Funding Companies nationwide, to offer a co-branded  pharmacy product. We are proudly partnered with the most trusted names in Personal Injury Medical Funding, such as; 

  • EDS Financial Services

  • Omni Healthcare

  • PROVE Partners

  • Marrick Medical Finance

  • Greenlink Solutions

  • Injury Care Solutions

  • ProCare Injury Network

  • Gain

  • ML Healthcare, just to name a few.

Because of these incredible partnerships, we can provide our services to millions of accident victims to provide the life-saving prescription medications that they so desperately need at the time that they need them the most.

Why we are in this business:


There are more than 700,000 Personal Injury claims filed every year in the USA, mostly including Auto Accidents, Slip & Falls, or work-related injuries.

These accidents can cause the victim to need serious medical attention and leave them unable work for years due to the pain and recovery time, at no fault of their own, while now needing to pay out-of-pocket for medications that they can’t afford.

Since the average personal injury claim takes anywhere between 2 to 3 years to settle, this can cause the patient to ration life-saving medications or borrow expensive lawsuit loans just to pay for their copays.

Well now there’s a better alternative, the Buena Vista Pharmacy Card. Our digital card is sent to directly to any smartphone and pays for 100% of prescription costs during their case, providing: 

  • No upfront costs

  • No copays

  • No monthly fees

  • No deductibles

  • No premiums.


Patients simply show our card to the pharmacy and walk out with their medications with absolutely zero money paid out of pocket.

We’ve partnered with all of the major pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart Pharmacy, Rite-aid, Kroger, Costco and many more, including smaller neighborhood pharmacies, totaling over 70,000 locations nationwide so no matter where you are, there is a pharmacy near you that accepts our card.

Using Buena Vista Prescription Card provides you with a detailed itemized prescription bill which increases the value of your case by proving more damages and ultimately leading to higher case payouts. If the case is dropped for any reason, we never attempt to collect from the patient or law firm for any reason whatsoever.

We offer 24-hour customer support, no contract, no sign-up fees, no upfront or out of pocket expenses, and a completely digital and automated process.

Your pharmacy card is activated instantly in 3 easy steps and can be done from any smartphone or computer. Simply go online to our website, enter the patient and attorney information, then E-sign the paperwork with one click. The digital pharmacy card will be created and instantly sent to any smartphone, Email or sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice so that the prescriptions paid for and are waiting for you before you get there.

Since there are no costs for having a pharmacy card, most attorneys activate a card for every client that walks through the door, regardless if their client has a prescription in hand. As one of the top trial lawyers in the country, Michael B., has said about the Buena Vista Pharmacy Card; “it’s better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it so we activate a card for every client who walks through our door, every time.”

Activate a free pharmacy card right now in less than 2 minutes by visiting If you need more information you can call (844) RX-Med-Card to speak with a knowledgeable support team member right now.

Where we do business:

Due to certain state No Fault laws, such as PIP (Personal Injury Protection) or MedPay (Medical Payments) we only are able to work with patients who were injured in the following cities and surrounding areas:

Abilene,  Texas

Akron,  Ohio

Albuquerque,  New Mexico

Alexandria,  Virginia

Allen,  Texas

Amarillo,  Texas

Anaheim,  California

Anchorage,  Alaska

Antioch,  California

Arlington,  Texas

Arvada,  Colorado

Athens,  Georgia

Atlanta,  Georgia

Augusta,  Georgia

Aurora,  Colorado

Aurora,  Illinois

Austin,  Texas

Bakersfield,  California

Baltimore,  Maryland

Baton Rouge,  Louisiana

Beaumont,  Texas

Bellevue,  Washington

Berkeley,  California

Billings,  Montana

Birmingham,  Alabama

Boise,  Idaho

Boulder,  Colorado

Bridgeport,  Connecticut

Broken Arrow,  Oklahoma

Brownsville,  Texas

Burbank,  California

Carlsbad,  California

Carrollton,  Texas

Cary,  North Carolina

Cedar Rapids,  Iowa

Centennial,  Colorado

Chandler,  Arizona

Charleston,  South Carolina

Charlotte,  North Carolina

Chattanooga,  Tennessee

Chesapeake,  Virginia

Chicago,  Illinois

Chula Vista,  California

Cincinnati,  Ohio

Clarksville,  Tennessee

Cleveland,  Ohio

Clovis,  California

College Station,  Texas

Colorado Springs,  Colorado

Columbia,  Missouri

Columbia,  South Carolina

Columbus,  Georgia

Columbus,  Ohio

Concord,  California

Corona,  California

Corpus Christi,  Texas

Costa Mesa,  California

Dallas,  Texas

Daly City,  California

Davenport,  Iowa

Dayton,  Ohio

Denton,  Texas

Denver,  Colorado

Des Moines,  Iowa

Downey,  California

Durham,  North Carolina

El Cajon,  California

El Monte,  California

El Paso,  Texas

Elgin,  Illinois

Elk Grove,  California

Escondido,  California

Eugene,  Oregon

Evansville,  Indiana

Everett,  Washington

Fairfield,  California

Fayetteville,  North Carolina

Fontana,  California

Fort Collins,  Colorado

Fort Wayne,  Indiana

Fort Worth,  Texas

Fremont,  California

Fresno,  California

Frisco,  Texas

Fullerton,  California

Garden Grove,  California

Garland,  Texas

Gilbert,  Arizona

Glendale,  Arizona

Glendale,  California

Grand Prairie,  Texas

Greeley,  Colorado

Green Bay,  Wisconsin

Greensboro,  North Carolina

Gresham,  Oregon

Hampton,  Virginia

Hartford,  Connecticut

Hayward,  California

Henderson,  Nevada

High Point,  North Carolina

Hillsboro,  Oregon

Houston,  Texas

Huntington Beach,  California

Huntsville,  Alabama

Independence,  Missouri

Indianapolis,  Indiana

Inglewood,  California

Irvine,  California

Irving,  Texas

Jackson,  Mississippi

Joliet,  Illinois

Jurupa Valley,  California

Kansas City,  Missouri

Kenosha,  Wisconsin

Kent,  Washington

Killeen,  Texas

Knoxville,  Tennessee

Lafayette,  Louisiana

Lakewood,  Colorado

Lancaster,  California

Laredo,  Texas

Las Cruces,  New Mexico

Las Vegas,  Nevada

League City,  Texas

Lewisville,  Texas

Lincoln,  Nebraska

Little Rock,  Arkansas

Long Beach,  California

Los Angeles,  California

Lubbock,  Texas

Macon,  Georgia

Madison,  Wisconsin

Manchester,  New Hampshire

McAllen,  Texas

McKinney,  Texas

Memphis,  Tennessee

Meridian,  Idaho

Mesa,  Arizona

Mesquite,  Texas

Midland,  Texas

Milwaukee,  Wisconsin

Mobile,  Alabama

Modesto,  California

Montgomery,  Alabama

Moreno Valley,  California

Murfreesboro,  Tennessee

Murrieta,  California

Naperville,  Illinois

Nashville,  Tennessee

New Haven,  Connecticut

New Orleans,  Louisiana

Newport News,  Virginia

Norfolk,  Virginia

Norman,  Oklahoma

North Charleston,  South Carolina

North Las Vegas,  Nevada

Norwalk,  California

Oakland,  California

Oceanside,  California

Odessa,  Texas

Oklahoma City,  Oklahoma

Omaha,  Nebraska

Ontario,  California

Orange,  California

Oxnard,  California

Palmdale,  California

Pasadena,  California

Pasadena,  Texas

Pearland,  Texas

Peoria,  Arizona

Peoria,  Illinois

Phoenix,  Arizona

Plano,  Texas

Pomona,  California

Portland,  Oregon

Providence,  Rhode Island

Pueblo,  Colorado

Raleigh,  North Carolina

Rancho Cucamonga,  California

Reno,  Nevada

Renton,  Washington

Rialto,  California

Richardson,  Texas

Richmond,  California

Richmond,  Virginia

Riverside,  California

Rockford,  Illinois

Roseville,  California

Round Rock,  Texas

Sacramento,  California

Salem,  Oregon

Salinas,  California

San Angelo,  Texas

San Antonio,  Texas

San Bernardino,  California

San Diego,  California

San Francisco,  California

San Jose,  California

San Mateo,  California

Sandy Springs,  Georgia

Santa Ana,  California

Santa Clara,  California

Santa Clarita,  California

Santa Maria,  California

Santa Rosa,  California

Savannah,  Georgia

Scottsdale,  Arizona

Seattle,  Washington

Shreveport,  Louisiana

Simi Valley,  California

Sioux Falls,  South Dakota

South Bend,  Indiana

Sparks,  Nevada

Spokane,  Washington

Springfield,  Illinois

Springfield,  Missouri

St. Louis,  Missouri

Stamford,  Connecticut

Stockton,  California

Sugar Land,  Texas

Sunnyvale,  California

Surprise,  Arizona

Tacoma,  Washington

Temecula,  California

Tempe,  Arizona

Thornton,  Colorado

Thousand Oaks,  California

Toledo,  Ohio

Torrance,  California

Tucson,  Arizona

Tulsa,  Oklahoma

Tuscaloosa,  Alabama

Tyler,  Texas

Vacaville,  California

Vallejo,  California

Vancouver,  Washington

Ventura,  California

Victorville,  California

Virginia Beach,  Virginia

Visalia,  California

Vista,  California

Waco,  Texas

Washington,  District of Columbia

Waterbury,  Connecticut

West Covina,  California

Westminster,  Colorado

Wichita Falls,  Texas

Wilmington,  North Carolina

Winston–Salem,  North Carolina

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